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Person & Place is a quiet game for two players about exploring an empty place and becoming a place.

One player will play an explorer, the titular Person. They will move around the place, exploring and delving deeper.

The other player will play the Place. They will describe the rooms, the architecture, and the history of the place.

Person & Place comes with two free bonus supplements!

The first is the Cartography Supplement. Using the Cartography Supplement, Person & Place generates a map, a collaborative artwork by two players.

The second is the Inhabitants Supplement. This supplement posits the Person being both present and absent in the place, and right now, there live people there. Using the Inhabitants Supplement and the Cartography Supplement, Person & Place generates a map with a living key, full of people with intense and intimate pasts and presents.


Buy Now$3.33 USD or more

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Person & Place Cartography Supplement_v1.pdf 190 kB
Person & Place Inhabitants Supplement_v1.pdf 141 kB
Person & Place_Pages_Web_v1.pdf 195 kB
Person & Place_Spreads_Print_v1.pdf 193 kB

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